An operating system built for transparency at work.

Discover Assistive OS™

Assistive OS allows consultants and freelancers to establish trust with their clients.

The entire operating system is open-source and free whitepapers allow you to easily apply best practices in information security, GDPR and work ethics when working with your clients and partners.

Lightweight & secure

You can install Assistive OS or run it from a USB stick.

Encryption, activity logging and network security are enabled by default.

Transparent & auditable

The apps and data that you handle are hosted on secure servers in the EU or in the US.

Your clients can easily audit and backtrace your work if needed.

Ideal for remote work

Assistive OS turns your laptop into a keyboard, mouse and screen.

You can work from anywhere, you just need Internet access.

Ready to get started?

Assistive OS source code is available for free.

View on Github

Free whitepapers will give you the detailed insight into the architecture and capabilities of Assistive OS. For now, here are a few highlights of the platform itself.

  • Full-disk encryption
  • 24/7 activity monitoring
  • Complete device lockdown
  • Geo-location
  • Secure VPN by default
  • Easily auditable by clients

Deployment philosophy

Do it yourself or let professional consultants deploy Assistive OS for you.



Read the whitepapers, download the ISO, install Assistive OS and run it on your own.

freelancers and companies


We will deploy and manage a secure cloud-based work environment for your business. *

* Freelancers and companies can also take the DIY approach.

What is Assistive OS?

Assistive OS is a framework combining an OSS operating system and whitepapers on best practices in implementing a fully transparent and secure work environment for consultants and freelancers.

Assistive OS is currently in early stages of development. Our first Alpha version is ready for testing although it implies manual configuration of the device. Documentation and automation will be publicly available soon.

Who is behind Assistive OS?

We are a group of experienced IT and business professionals joining together to bring you a unique platform for working.

We are in the process of establishing a legal presence and this site will be updated shortly.

How can I try out or use Assistive OS?

In these early stages, the platform is not available to the general public. Do contact us in case you have questions or suggestions.

Is Assistive OS really free and secure?

Assistive OS is published as 100% open-source software. As such, you are free to download it, inspect it and use it for commercial purposes without having to pay any fees.

Because the platform is open-source, we apply the model of security through transparency. Our community of users and customers contribute to identifying issues, and we keep up-to-date on the latest security trends in the POSIX world.